Putting an end to lifestyle diseases with tailored follow-up systems.

Flow Technologies build warm technology to help people with lifestyle changes. We believe in combining human interactions and technology in the fight against lifestyle diseases.

Digital follow-up for patients with lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle diseases represent a global epidemic - our product connects patients and health coaches on a digital platform. It is simple to use and bridges the gap between treatment and the patient’s everyday life.

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Get the support and motivation you need in your everyday life.

Digitizing relationships and enabling new ways to follow up clients - introducing the support, competence and accountability needed to make lasting changes.

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Based in Oslo, Norway.


Charles Michelson

CEO and co-founder.
Former CMO SATS Elixia Nordic (health and fitness) and passionate health tech entrepreneur.

Jørgen Aaberg

CTO and co-founder of Flow Technologies. Experienced front-end developer, mediocre baker and runner.

Henrik Glasø Skifjeld

Experienced fullstack developer. Co-founder of healthtech startup Noba.

Ole Martin Knurvik

Developer and photographer. Former trainer.

Mathias Frøyhaug

Designer and clinical psychologist.


Mads Kaggestad

Former pro-cyclist, entrepreneur and co-founder of Avantas Active, corporate health care systems.

Gunnar Rusten, M.D.

Entrepreneur and GP with 30 years of experience in the health care sector.

Warm technology that connects people and drives change.

The Flowzone Health platform is an easy to use service, connecting patients, healthcare workers and health coaches. Continuity and support for patients between treatment is lacking in todays healthcare system; we are bridging this gap.


Build stronger relationships with your clients.

Flowzone Trainer is an app built for trainers and therapists - creating a digital client relationship. This app introduces support, motivation and accountability and bridges the gap between physical sessions. Making it easier for clients to succeed with their goals. Free use for trainers and therapists, 39,- NOK per month for clients.



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